Grimes Gear List

Gear List Includes;

Plastic Totes - These can be your Boxwell trunk or 2-3 five gallon paint buckets

3-4 Tough Contractor Bags

10 Scouting Essentials

2 Nalgene Water Bottles



Bug Spray

Closed Toe Water Shoes

Camp Shoes

2 Pairs of Long Socks*

2 or 3 Pairs of Nylon Camp Shorts

2 or 3 Synthetic T-Shirts*

2 Bathing Suits

Wide Brimmed Hat

Cheap Sunglasses

Glasses Strap

Sleeping  Bag

Sleeping Pad

Tent and Ground Cloth

Rain Jacket or Poncho

20' of Paracord

Mess Kit

Fishing Rods (not required)

Bungee Cords

Camp Chair

*Must be sprayed with Permetherine