Monday Night Meeting

Scoutcraft: Patrol Kit Cleanup

The Scouts learned to be clean this week by taking care of their patrol kits.

As a note from the SPL: If anything is found missing in the future, please write out a note including what is missing so that we may acquire it for future campouts.

If you missed the meeting be sure to thank your fellow patrol members for making your eating utensils more habitable.

Campout Recap

This past weekend, two crews set out for savage gulf and had a blast! Nothing like backpacking in Tennessee during the Fall. There will be future backpacking trips later in the year so if you were unable to partake in this experience, you will have another chance.

If you have any photos, send them to pelhamandrew@gmail.com so they can be posted for everyone's viewing experience.

Important Information

The good spots are disappearing! Sign up for your Tree Lot shifts here.

Come out to the Scout Hut on the 28th to help Fletcher Sanderson with his eagle project!
Scouts are needed from 7:00 - 4:00, and much help would be appreciated.